2021-2022 College Catalog 
    Feb 01, 2023  
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

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Chairperson: Tonya Hegamin 718 270 4846 thegamin@mec.cuny.edu
Office: B-1015 Y

Faculty: Victoria Chevalier, Todd Craig, James Dunn, Susan Alice Fischer, Brenda Greene, David Hatchett, Tonya Hegamin, Darrel Holnes, Hyo Kim, Keming Liu, Cristine Migliacccio, Karen Pitt, Joanna Sit, Carlyle Thompson

General Information

The Department of English offers a baccalaureate degree in English, an associate degree in English and an associate degree in African Diaspora Literature. At the end of these programs, students will be able to seek employment in diverse fields such as teaching, publishing, professional writing, and public relations and will also be prepared to undertake graduate studies in a range of professions including law, business, medicine and creative writing.

The English BA Program

The baccalaureate degree program in English combines a solid liberal arts background in the Humanities with the specialized skills needed to meet the growing demand for highly competent, high performing, and broadly educated individuals in an increasingly diverse society and workplace. Students are required to take 6 required credits in College Composition,18 required credits in literature, a course in applied literary theory, a course in applied linguistics, an intermediate composition course and a 12 credit concentration of courses in creative writing, professional writing or cross-cultural literature with a focus on literature of the African diaspora. They also take Internship (ENGL 420), which introduces them to professional opportunities for English majors, and the Senior Thesis (ENGL422) which may expand upon a literary topic in which they have developed an interest or provide them with an opportunity to develop a manuscript in creative or professional writing. The distribution of required literature courses is as follows. All English BA students must take at least one course in each of the sequences of American Literature I & II, African American Literature I & II, British Literature I & II, Caribbean Literature I & II, for a total of four courses and African Literature. Students must take an additional 300 level literature elective.

Admission into BA Program

Potential English majors must have satisfied all basic skills requirements and must have a minimum average grade of C in English. Students who have AA degrees in English or African Diaspora Literature are eligible for the program. In addition, the English Department has a formal articulation agreement with Kingsborough’s Journalism Program and the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Writing and Literature Program.

The AA Degree in English

The associate in English degree program feeds directly into the B. A. in English. The program aligns with the three concentrations that the B. A. in English offers (Cross-Cultural Literature; Professional Writing; Creative Writing). In addition to completing their general education courses, students are required to take ENGL 210 - Intermediate Composition  and ENGL 211 - Introduction to Literary Studies  and six elective credits in literature, professional writing or creative writing. Students have six credits for open electives.

The AA Degree in African Diaspora Literature

The Associate of Arts in African Diaspora Literature provides students with an understanding of the complexity and diversity of African Diaspora literature and deepens students’ understanding of the cultural traditions, beliefs, world views and values representative of people throughout the diaspora. In addition to completing their general education courses, students are required to take ENGL 210 - Intermediate Composition  and ENGL 211 - Introduction to Literary Studies . In addition to the required literature and composition courses above, students will take 12 credits in African Diaspora Literature. Students have six credits for open electives.

Admission into the AA Degrees

Students pursuing an AA in English or African Diaspora Literature may be admitted to the program when they have satisfied all basic skills requirements in reading and writing. They must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The Remedial Skills and ESL Programs

The Department’s Remedial Skills and the ESL Programs are carefully designed to help students become competent critical readers of Standard English expository and literary prose and effective essay writers. Ultimately, the expectation is that students will not only develop the ability to read college-level materials analytically and critically, but will become active and motivated readers and writers. Students will also be oriented to the skills of passing the CUNY/ COMPASS Reading and CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW).

Student Life

A feature of the Department’s BA Program in English is that all students are assigned a mentor upon declaring themselves to be English majors. The Department encourages English majors to attend special performances and literary extracurricular events, to join the English Club, to write for Adafi, the College’s newspaper, and to write for the literary magazine published by the English Department or Center for Black Literature. Students are also encouraged to present their papers and research, to participate in conferences and to assist with co-curricular programs such as the National Black Writers Conferences and Symposia sponsored by the Center for Black Literature.

Collaborative Relationships

Center for Black Literature Directed by Brenda Greene, a Professor in the Department of English, the Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College has a mission to serve as a voice, mecca and resource for Black writers and the general public. The Department of English collaborates with the Center in offering programs that raise students’ awareness of Black literature and in supporting student concentrations in professional writing, creative writing and cross-cultural literature. The Center also provides English majors with internships. English majors may also receive scholarships to participate in the Center’s North Country Institute and Retreat for Writers of Color.


Adafi, published by students, is the College’s newspaper. English majors are also strongly encouraged to join the Adafi Club and to serve as editors and reporters for the paper.

The Crown Heights Review

The student literary journal, The Crown Heights Review, is published by the English Department. It is rooted in the idea that creative expression is vital to the life of a community. Its goal is to create a literary landscape that connects the College to its diverse community.
In keeping with the mission of Medgar Evers College, the journal publishes Medgar Evers alumni and current student artists and writers.

English Concentration for BA students in the Education Department

BA students in the Education Department who wish to take a concentration in English are required to take the following courses: ENGL 210 , ENGL 208 , ENGL 315  OR ENGL 316 , ENGL 319  OR ENGL 320 , ENGL 322  OR ENGL 323 , ENGL 325  OR ENGL 327 , ENGL 365 . Additionally, these students are required to take 6 credits of elective English courses.

English Courses in the General Education Common Core

The English Program offers composition and literature courses that are part of the General Education Common Core f the College. These courses are: ENGL 112 , ENGL 150  and ENGL 212 . The three primary objectives of the English sequence of Core courses are:

  1. To develop students’ proficiency in essay writing;
  2. To strengthen students’ research skills;
  3. To introduce students to world literatures.


The Department offers Humanities courses that constitute the core of courses needed to satisfy the Humanities requirements for the AA in Liberal Arts and electives in the Humanities.


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