2020-2021 College Catalog 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Psychology

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Chairperson: Maudry-Beverly Lashley 718-270-4998 718-270-4828 mlashley@mec.cuny.edu
Office: B 1032 E
Faculty: Kathleen Barker, Ethan Gologor, Yvanne Joseph, Maudry-Beverly Lashley, John Sumerlin

General Information

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to provide preprofessional training in the study of human behavior and mental processes for graduate study and careers in psychology and related fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology, which provides training in the study of human behavior and mental processes. It is designed for students preparing for careers in psychology, health care, education, urban affairs, government, research and industry. The degree also enables students to pursue graduate education in such areas of psychology as clinical, personality, gender, sport, community, counseling, developmental, educational, school, sensory/perceptual, biological, health, cognitive, mathematical/quantitative, environmental, forensic, social, and industrial/organizational. Professionally oriented courses, research practica, clinical internships, and service-learning and active-learning experiences provide numerous mentoring opportunities. The Department particularly also seeks to implement the College’s mission by addressing minority and diversity issues.

Research psychologists study the biological, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of human behavior. They formulate hypotheses and collect data to test their predictions. Depending on the research question they have posed, psychologists use a variety of investigative approaches: controlled laboratory experiments; administration of personality, performance, aptitude and intelligence tests; systematic observation; interviews; questionnaires; and other clinical approaches.

Students in the Department take courses that provide them with the theories and methodological skills necessitated by these various areas of psychological knowledge.

Coursework is complemented by activities in a state-of- the-art psychology laboratory equipped with computers, psychology related media and software, printers, audio/video/laser disk players, biological recording equipment, an observational gallery, and testing carrels.

The laboratory offers students opportunities for pursuing individual study and conducting human research (Independent Study, Research Practicum, and Senior Thesis options).

Academic Standards

A student must have an index or GPA of at least 2.0 in the major for graduation.

Specialty Areas and Advanced Options Offered in the Department

Psychologists study the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of human behavior. From among the course offerings, students are encouraged to take a broad sample, but may also choose to take more than one course within a specialty area. For details regarding specialty areas and advanced options, please see the Department Chairperson.

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