2020-2021 College Catalog 
    Jun 04, 2023  
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Appendix A

CUNY Board of Trustees

The City University of New York Administration

Board of Trustees

William C. Thompson, Jr.,
Chairman of the Board

Members of the Board

Trustee Michael Arvanites

Trustee Henry T. Berger

Trustee Una S. T-Clarke

Trustee Lorraine Cortéz-Vázquez

Trustee Fernando Ferrer

Trustee Kevin D. Kim

Trustee Mayra Linares-Garcia

Trustee Robert F. Mujica

Trustee Brian D. Obergfell

Trustee Jill O’Donnell-Tormey

Trustee Herminia Palacio

Trustee Ken Sunshine

Trustee Angelo Vivolo

Trustee Sandra Wilkin

Trustee Martin J. Burke, Ex officio

Trustee Juvanie Piquant, Ex officio

Appendix B

CUNY Administration

Félix V. Matos Rodríguez

Daniel E. Lemons,

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost

Hector Batista
Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer

Derek Davis
General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

Glenda Grace
Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Affairs, Strategic Advancement and Special Counsel

Matthew Sapienza
Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Pamela S. Silverblatt
Senior Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations

Mohamed Attalla
Vice Chancellor of the Office for Facilities, Planning and Construction Management

Brian Cohen
Vice Chancellor & University Chief Information Officer

Maite Junco
Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing

Doriane K. Gloria
Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Management

Denise Maybank, 

Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Andrea Shapiro Davis,

Interim Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Richard R. White
Vice Chancellor for Risk, Audit and Compliance

Gayle M. Horwitz
Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Secretary of the Board

Dolly Martínez
Chancellor’s Chief of Staff and Associate Vice Chancellor for the Executive Office

College Administration

For a current listing of college administration and staff, see http://www.mec.cuny.edu/college_catalog/

Rudolph E. Crew, B.A., M.B.A., Ed.D.

Augustine Okereke, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost

Jerald Posman, B.A., M.B.A.
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jacqueline Clark, B.S.
Vice President of Finance & Administration

Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Communications

Lakisha Murray, B.S., M.S.Ed.
Chief of Staff

Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, B.A., M.S., P.D., M.A., Ed.D.
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost

Hollie Jones, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Dean, of Academic Affairs (Acting)

Thomas Ching, B.S., M.S., M.P.A.
Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management, Campus Planning and Operations

Troy Hahn, B.S., MIS, M.Ed
Assistant Vice President / Chief Information Officer (Interim)

Johnathon P. Hardaway, B.B.A., M.B. A., J.D.
Executive Legal Counsel (Interim)

Jo-Ann Rolle, B.B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business

Sheilah M. Paul, B.A., M.A., M.A.,Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education

Ethan Gologor, B.Sc., M.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Dean, School of Liberal Arts (Acting)

Terrence R. Blackman, B.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dean, School of Science, Health & Technology

Evelyn W. Castro, B.S., M.S., Ed.M., Ed.D.
Dean, School of Professional & Community Development

Richard Jones, B.A., M.S.W.
Dean of Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Doris McEwen, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Dean of College Readiness (Interim)

Shannon Clarke-Anderson, B.A., M.A.
Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Tanya E. Isaacs, B.A., M.S.
Executive Director of Human Resources/Labor Designee

Jennifer James, B.S., M.P.A.
Executive Director of Government and External Affairs

Kevin Adams, B.A.
Director of Communications

Nicole Berry, B.A., M.A.
Director of Freshman Year Program and College Now Program

Peter Chiasera, B.S., M.B.A.
Finance Comptroller

Thais Pilieri, B.A.,

Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Jeffrey Sigler, B.A., M.S.
Director of Enrollment Management

Shanna Van Ness, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Director of Pipeline College Readiness Programming

Robert M. Waterman, B.S., M.Div, D.Min.
Special Assistant to Student Affairs/Senior Director/Student Conduct Officer

Koon, Chi
Director, Research and Sponsored Programs

McIntosh, Janet
Director, Ella Baker Child Development Center

Michel, Sharon
Director, Testing Center

Robinson, Kirt
Director, Academic Advising Center

Director, Public Safety

Director, Center for Women’s Development

Schwartz, Judith
Chief Librarian

Pientek, Joe
Director, East New York Site

Phifer, Anthony
Director, Differently-Abled Services


Sigler, Jeffrey
Director, Freshman Year Program

Simmons, Esmeralda
Executive Director, Center for Law and Social Justice

Pursoo, Eugene
Director, Study Abroad

Wall, Yvette
Director, Evening and Weekend Programs

Wymore, Stephen
Director, Ed Tech Center

Young, Deborah
Director, Career Management Services

Sherill Ann Mason
Director, SEEK

Appendix D

Faculty Listing

For a current listing of college faculty, see http://www.mec.cuny.edu/college_catalog/

David Ahn
Professor Computer Information Systems
Ph.D/The Graduate Center. E.E/M.S/Columbia University, B.E/ Stony Brook University

Jane B. Alexander
Asst. Professor, Freshman Year Program
BS/ 91 Medgar Evers College, CUNY, MS/Brooklyn College, CUNY, Ed.D/Teachers College of Columbia

Shermane A. Austin
Professor, Physics and Computer Science
PhD/ The Graduate Center, MS, BA/City College

Stanley A. Bajue
Professor, Chemistry & Environmental Science
PhD, BS/The University of the West Indies

Ivor Baker
Lecturer, Developmental & Special Education
MA/Brooklyn College,BA/CUNY BA

Kathleen Barker
Professor, Psychology
PhD/The Graduate Center, BA/CUNY BA

Patricia Belcon
Lecturer/ Doctoral Schedule, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD/The Graduate Center, MBA/LIU Brooklyn Campus, MS/Conolly College

Simon Best
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
DBA/University of Bradford, MS/University of Manchester, BS/The University of the West Indies

Zulema Blair
Associate Professor, Public Administration
JD/New York Law School, PhD/Binghamton University/MPA/ Binghamton, BA/Boston College

Janice Bloomfield-Alves
Assistant Professor, Nursing
EdD/Dowling College MS, MS/Downstate Medical Center, BA/Buffalo University

Stephanie Boggs
Assistant Professor, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MFA/The New School, BFA/Howard University

Carolle Bolnet
Professor, Biology
PhD/University of Paris X1, MS/University of Paris V1, BS/University of Paris X1

Jesus S.Bottaro
Asst. Professor, World Languages and Cultures
PhD/The Graduate Center, MFA/Brooklyn College, MA/The Graduate Center

Christopher Boxe
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/California Institute of Technology, MS/California Institute of Technology BS/Morehouse

Ann C. Brown
Professor, Biology
PhD/New York Medical College, MS/New York Medical College, MS/ University of New Hampshire, BS/Oakwood College

Cory Brown
Lecturer, Freshman Year Program
MS/Long Island University, BA ‘97/Medgar Evers College

Owen Brown
Assoc. Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD,MA,BA /Binghampton University

Rupert Brown
Lecturer, Mathematics
MS/City College, BS/Long Island University,

Dwayne Bynum
Lecturer, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MA, BA/Brooklyn College

William Carr
Associate Professor, Biology
PhD/Stanford University, D.V.M/North Carolina State University, BS/ Duke University

Margaret A.Carroll
Professor, Biology
PhD/ St. John’s University, MA/Hofstra University

Chris Castillo
Professor, Computer Information Systems
PhD, MS, BS/Odessa Polytechnic University Edward Catapane Professor, Biology PhD, MS, BS/ Fordham University

Jonathan Chen
Assistant Professor, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
PhD/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MA/Wesleyan University, MM/ Northwestern University, BM/Hope College

Victoria Chevalier
Associate Professor, English
PhD, M.Phil/Cornell University, BA/City College

Nicole Clark
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MS/Downstate Medical Center, BS. ‘03/Medgar Evers College

Justin Coleman
Assistant Professor, Psychology
PhD, MA/University of Nebraska, BA/California State University

KhasadYahu Coleman-ZarBabal
Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance
PhD/University of California, BA/Stanford University

Paul S. Cox
Asst. Professor, Accounting
MS/New Jersey Institute of Technology, BS/Kean University, CPA

Todd Craig
Associate Professor, English
DA/St. John’s University, Ed.M/Harvard Graduate School of Education, BA/Williams College

Clinton Crawford
Professor, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
E.dD/Teachers, Columbia University, MA/University of California, BA/University of Wisconsin

Micah Crump
Professor, Public Administration
PhD, MBA/Morgan State University, BS/Coppin State University

Sallie Cuffee
Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD, M.Phil/Union Seminary, MDiv/Wesley Seminary, BA/Norfolk State University

Cunningham, Kathy
Asst. Professor,
BSN/Hunter College, CUNY, MS/SUNY Downstate, MPH/Hunter College, CUNY

Shirley Daniels
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN/ED University of Phoenix, BSN/ Downstate Medical Center

Henry Davis
Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Ph.D, MA, University of Michigan, BS, Western Michigan University

Maria DeLongoria
Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD/University of Missouri, MA/Morgan State University, BA/Virginia State University

Gelonia Dent
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
PhD/Brown University, MS/Clark Atlanta University, BS/University of Georgia PhD/University of Vermont, BS/Rutgers University

Charles desBordes
Professor, Biology
PhD/University of Vermont, BS/Rutgers University

Rosalina Diaz
Associate Professor, Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Professor,
PhD/The Graduate Center

Kelynne Edmond
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MS, BA/Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Ferdinand, Patricia
Professor, BA/New York University, MS/New York University, PhD/ New York University

Emmanuel Egbe
Professor, Economics and Finance
PhD, MA/Washington State University, MBA/University of Tulsa, BS/ University of Tulsa

Elene Evelyn
Lecturer, Accounting
MS/Brooklyn College, BS ‘09/Medgar Evers College, CPA

Nathaniel Ezuma
Professor, Economics and Finance
PhD/University of Manchester, BS, MBA, MPhil/New York Institute of Technology

Sikiru Adesina Fadairo
Professor, Computer Information Systems
PhD/University of Manchester, PhD/University of Manchester, MS/ The Graduate Center, MBA(MIS)/Long Island University, BS/New York Institute of Technology

Susan Fischer
Professor, English
PhD/University of London, MA, BA/University of Salerno

Michael FitzGerald
Professor, Philosophy and Religion
PhD/New School for Social Research, BA/Colgate University

John Flateau
Professor, Public Administration
PhD/The Graduate Center, MPA/Baruch College, BA/New York University

Tatyana Flesher
Associate. Professor, Mathematics
PhD/Moscow Pedagogical University, Russia, MD/Tomsk State University

Wallace Ford
Associate Professor, Public Administration
JD/Harvard Law School, BA/Dartmouth College

Dennis Fox
Assistant Professor, Accounting
MBA/Centenary College, BS/Queens College, CPA

Benjamin Franz
Assistant Professor, Library and Information Services
MLS/Indiana University-Purdue University, MFA/American University School of Communications

Tonia A. Grant
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN/University of Phoenix, BSN/Excelsior College of Nursing

Verna Green
Assistant. Professor, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
EdD, E.Ed, MA/Columbia University, BA/Brooklyn College

Adero-Zaire Green
Lecturer, Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education
MA/New York University, BA/St. Francis College

Brenda Greene
Professor, English
PhD/New York University, MA/Hunter College, BS/New York University

Jean Gumbs
Associate Professor, Nursing
PhD/Hampton University, MSN/Northeastern University, BSN/ University of Ottawa

Eda Harris-Hastick
Professor, Social Work
Ed.D/Teachers College Columbia University, MSW/Smith College School of Social Work, BA/Queens College

Mozaffar Hassan
Professor, Biology
PhD/The Graduate Center, MS/Patna University, India

David Hatchett
Lecturer, English
MA/New York University, BA/Indiana State University

Tonya Hegamin
Assistant Professor, English
MFA/The New School University, BA/University of Pittsburgh

Edward Hernandez
Assistant Professor, Social Work
PhD, MSW/Stony Brook University, BA/Brooklyn College

Donna Hill
Assistant Professor, English
MFA/Goddard College

Darrel Alejandro Holnes
Assistant Professor, English
MFA/University of Michigan, BA/University of Houston

Karen Holton
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN, BSN/Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Wilbert Hope
Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/University of South Wales, BS/University of Guyana

Armando M. Howard
Associate Professor, Physics and Computer Science
PhD/Princeton University

Ken Hoyte
Associate Professor, Developmental and Special Education
PhD/Brandeis University, BA/Colgate University

Lystra Huggins Anderson
Lecturer/ Doctoral Schedule, Freshman Year Program
PhD, MPhil, The Graduate Center, MA/City College, BA ‘97/Medgar Evers College

Sheldon Huggins
Instructor, World Languages and Cultures
AM, BA/Middlebury College

Delridge Hunter
Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD/Union Institute and University, MS/Northern Illinois University, BA/Prairie View A&M University

Seymour Ien
Professor, Biology
PhD, MPh/New York University, MS/Long Island University, BA/ Brooklyn College

Emmanuel Igwegbe
Lecturer/ Doctoral Schedule, Biology
PhD, MS/California, MS/CaMS/BS/London

Jewel James
Lecturer, SEEK/Special Programs
MA/New York University, BA/Barnard College Columbia University

Vivaldi Jean-Marie
Professor, Philosophy and Religion
PhD/ New School for Social Research, MA/Brock University, BA/ Concordia University

Jean Jean-Michel
Associate Professor, Mathematics
PhD, MA/Brown University, BA/Rutgers University

Jimmy Jenkins
Lecturer, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MA/University of North Florida, BA/North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Tabora Johnson
Assistant. Professor, Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education
EdD/Mills College, MA, BA/Hofstra University

Leon Johnson
Professor, Physics & Computer Science
PhD/New York University, MS/New York University, BS/Gettysburg College

Yvanne Joseph
Lecturer, SEEK/Special Programs
PhD, MPhil/The Graduate Center, MA/Hunter College, BA/John Jay College

Joann Joyner
Assistant Professor, Student Affairs
PhD/Walden University, MS/Brooklyn College, BS/John Jay College

Hyo Kim
Assistant Professor, English
MA/Fordham, MA/Stony Brook University

Leonid Knizhnik
Assistant Professor, Computer Information System
MS/Moscow University of Telecommunication, MS/Moscow University of Business Machine

Mabel Korie
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN/Molloy College

Margareth Lafontant
Assistant Professor, Developmental and Special Education
PhD/Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, MSE/Bank Street College of Education, BS/Queens College

Sambhavi Lakshminarayanan
Professor, Business Administration
PhD/University of Texas at Dallas, MSTAT/Indian Statistical Institute, BA/Dehli University

Maudry-Beverley Lashley
Associate Professor, Psychology
PhD/Howard University, MA, BA/Hunter College

John Lauermann
Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD/Clark University, MA/University of South Carolina, BS/University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Salika Lawrence
Associate Professor, Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education
PhD, MA/Fordham University, MA/New York University, BA/Queens College

Rita Leocal
Lecturer, Freshman Year Program
MS/The College at Brockport, BS/St. Lawrence University

Keming Liu
Professor, English
EdD, MA/Teachers College, Columbia University, MA/Hunter College, BA/Hebei Teachers University

Gennady Lomako
Assistant. Professor, Computer Information Systems
PhD, MS, BS/Byelorussian National Technical University

Karl G. Madden
Associate Professor, Library and Information Services
MLS/Emporia State University, MMu/University of Akron, BM/ University of Arizona

Evelyn C. Maggio
Associate Professor, Business Administration
JD/Seton Hall School of Law, MBA, BA/Baruch College, CPA

Khosrow Mansouri
Lecturer, Mathematics
MS/New York University, BA/Baruch College

Gregorio Mayers
Assistant Professor, Public Administration
JD/CUNY School of Law, BS ‘90/Medgar Evers College

Georgia McDuffie
Professor, Nursing
PhD/Walden University, MA/Teachers College, Columbia University, BSN/Long Island University

Alexis McLean-McKessey
Lecturer/ Doctoral Schedule, SEEK/Special Programs
EdD, MA/Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, BS/Pennsylvania State University

Glen McMillian
Lecturer, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MM/5 Towns College

Ana Melendez
Lecturer, World Languages and Cultures
MA, BA/ Queens College

Roman Mitchell
Lecturer, Mass Communications,
Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MA/Rutgers University

Kimberlee M. Moorning
Assistant. Professor, Computer Information Systems
MS/New York University, MsEd/Columbia University, BBA/Baruch College

Syed Mujtaba
Associate Professor, Biology
PhD/Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education Research Chandigarh, India, MS/University of Roorkee, Roorkee, India, BS/ Aligarh Muslim University, India

Ebere Nduka
Professor, Biology
PhD, BS/University of Ibadan Nigeria

Yelena Novitskaya
Assistant Professor, Library and Information Services
MLS/Queens College, Med/Maurice Thorez Moscow Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages

Mohammed Shah Alam Nur-e-Kamal
Professor, Biology
PhD/University of Tokyo, MS, BS/University of Dhaka

Herbert Odunukwe
Lecturer, Mathematics
MS/NYU Polytechnic, ME/City College, BA//Federal Polytechnic Institute, Idah, Nigeria

Philip Oguagha
Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD, BA/University of Ibadan, Nigeria

David Orenstein
Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PhD/Capella University, MS/New York University, MLS/Queens College, BA/CUNY BA

Onyeama Osuagwu
 Associate Professor, Physics and Computer Science
PhD/The University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, MA/BA/Hunter College, BA ‘04/Medgar Evers College

Alexei Oulanov
Professor, Library and Information Services
PhD/C.W.Post/Long Island UniversityBA/Moskovskaja Dukhovnaja Seminarija, Russia, MLIS/C.W. Post Long Island, MBA/ C.W. Post

Homeira Pajoohesh
Associate Professor, Mathematics
PhD/Shahid Behesti University, Tehran, Iran MS, BS/Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

Harini Patel
Lecturer / Doctoral Schedule,
Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/Fordham University

Mohsin Patwary
Professor, Biology
PhD/Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, MS/Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh BS/City College, Chittagong University, Bangladesh

Eric Pellerin
Assistant Professor, Library and Information Services
MA/The Graduate Center, MLIS/Queens College

Moses Phillips
Lecturer, Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts and Speech
MS/Rice University, BM/Florida State University

Kerwin Pilgrim
Lecturer, Library and Information Services
MS/CUNY School of Professional Studies, MS/Pratt Institute, BA/City College

Karen Pitt
Lecturer, English
MA/Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, BA/CUNY BA

Angela Poulakidas
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
DBA/Nova Southeastern University, Huizenga School of Business, MS/Thunderbird School of Global Management, BS/Indiana University

Lawrence Pratt
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/MS/Cornell University, BS/Bar Ilan University Ramat Gan, Israel

Byron Price
Professor, Public Administration
PhD, Mississippi State University, MPA/Texas Southern University, MBA/Oklahoma City University, BS/Texas Southern University

Alicia Reid
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD, BS/The University of the West Indies

Elaine Reid
Assistant Professor, Social Work
MSW/Hunter College, BS/Hofstra University

Enest Richards
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN/Mercy College, MPH/New York Medical College, BSN/Hunter College

Orandel Robotham
Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
MS, BS/City College, BS/York College

Maria Luisa Ruiz
Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures
PhD/The Graduate Center, MA, BA/University of Paris

Wayne Russell
Lecturer, Mathematics
MS, BS/ Polytechnic University

Lavoizier Saint-Jean
Lecturer, Mathematics
MA, BA/City College

Oluwaseun Salako
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD, BS/City College

Hazel Sanderson
Associate Professor, Nursing
EdD, MSN/Columbia University, BSN/Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Rupam Saran
Associate Professor, Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education
PhD/The Graduate Center, ME, BA/Queens College BA/Magadh University, Patna, India

Judith Schwartz
Assistant Professor, Library and Information Systems
MSLIS/Palmer School of Library and Information Science MA/Syracuse University, BFA/The Cooper Union School of Art

Yin Shin
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/Rutgers University, MA, BS/Kyungpook National University, Korea

Ventura Simmons
Lecturer, Mathematics
MA/Brooklyn College, BS/College of Staten Island

Joanna Sit
Associate Professor, English
MFA/Brooklyn College

Dereck Skeete
Lecturer Doctoral Schedule
Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD/University of Michigan, The Union Institute and University MS/Pennsylvania State University, BS ’ 95/Medgar Evers College

Chiyedza Small
Associate Professor, Biology
PhD, MPh/The Graduate Center, BS/City College

Earlean Smiley
Lecturer, Student Affairs
MA/Brooklyn College, BS ’ 75/Medgar Evers College

Fabienne Snowden
Assistant Professor, Social Work
PhD, MS/Saint John’s University BS/Pace University

Scharlene Snowden
Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Columbia University, DSW/The Graduate Center M.P.H, MSW/Columbia University BA/Our lady of the Elms College

Sterling-Fox Cynthia
Assistant Professor, Nursing
MSN, Columbia University, BSN, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, AAS ‘93 Medgar Evers College

John Sumerlin
Professor, Psychology
PhD/New York University, MA, BS/University of West Florida

Joshua Sussan
Associate Professor, Mathematics
PhD/Yale University, SB/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Raymond L. Thomas
Lecturer, Mathematics
MA/The Graduate Center, BA/Queens College

Carlyle Thompson
Professor, English
PhD, MPhil, MA/Columbia University, BA/City College

Iola Thompson
Professor, Mass Communications, Creative & Performing Arts and Speech
EdD/EdM/Teachers College, Columbia University MA/Northwestern University University, BA/Columbia College

Michael Tucker
Assistant Professor, Accounting
MS, BS/Long Island University, CPA

Anthony Udeogalanya
Professor, Biology
PhD/Dalhousie University, MS/University of Whales, BS/University of Nigeria

Veronica Udeogalanya
Distinguished Lecturer, Economics and Finance
MS/University of Nigeria

Cesar Valverde
Associate Professor, Mathematics
PhD, BS/Rutgers University

Bart Van-Steirteghem
Associate Professor, Mathematics
PhD, MPhil, MA/Columbia University

Michelle Vittadello
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science
PhD, M. Chem/University of Padua

Rosemary Williams
Associate Professor, Accounting
BA/Baruch College, MA/Brooklyn College, CPA

Donna Marie Wright
Associate Professor, Development and Special Education
PhD/The Graduate Center, MEd, MA/Columbia University, BA/ Fordham University

Rosa Zavala-Gutierrez
Assistant. Professor Physics and Computer Science
PhD/University of South Carolina, MS/BS/University of Veracruz