2020-2021 College Catalog 
    Jun 04, 2023  
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registration Information

Registrar Vacant
  718 270-6040 office
  718 270-6171 fax
Office: S-301
Associate Registrar: Norma Goodman
  718 270-6034

General Information

Students register for classes according to the procedures established by the Registrar’s Office. Students have the responsibility of keeping informed about their program of study and changes in College policies and procedures by consulting with their academic advisors, counselors, faculty mentors, and appropriate administrative offices. They should also refer to such College publications as the Catalog, Quick Facts, Student Handbook, and DegreeWorks. The registration process for a student begins with filling out the advisement form, a document used to keep track of his/her program of study. It then proceeds to the selection and registration of courses and concludes with the payment of tuition and fees.

If a student has not met the requirements for admission or has outstanding debts, a “Stop” will be placed on the student’s record and registration will be postponed until the “Stop” is cleared. Based on the type of “Stop”, (i.e., Bursar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Athletic, Probation, Library, or Immunization) the student will be directed to the office responsible for clearing the “Stop.” Once the “Stop” is cleared, the student can continue with the registration process.

  1. Courses at Medgar Evers College are held Monday through Sunday.
  2. Day Courses are held from 7:00 a.m. to 3:55 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  3. Evening Courses are held Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:55 p.m.
  4. Saturday Courses are held from 8:30 a.m. to 10:10 p.m.
  5. Classes Held Off-campus may meet days, evenings, or weekends.
  6. Sunday Courses are held from 9:00 a.m. to 8:40 p.m.

Registration Categories

New Students

Prior to registration, all new students must demonstrate basic skills proficiency by taking the CUNY Placement Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The Testing Center notifies students by mail when these tests (given several times during late fall, spring, and summer semesters) are scheduled.

For more information about these tests, refer to the “Academic Requirements, Regulations & Policies ” section of this Catalog.

The Enrollment Office notifies new or First-Time Freshmen students of orientation and registration by mail or email. Academic Advisement counselors are present during orientation and registration to assist students with the appropriate selection of courses based on students’ individual academic background and Basic Skills Placement Test scores.

Readmit Students

Students who are in good academic standing can apply for readmission during select times. Students seeking readmission must visit the Admissions Office to inquire about the final dates to file readmission applications for the upcoming semester. In order to be readmitted, students are mandated to settle any outstanding debts.

Transfer Students

Students entering the College on an advanced standing basis and whose advanced standing credits have been evaluated are notified when to register for classes upon posting of credit evaluation in CUNYfirst.

Continuing Students

Registration for continuing students is ongoing via CUNYFirst during the registration period. Continuing students may have a “Stop” placed on their records; therefore, delays in registration are probable. Students should check CUNYFirst for the status of their records.

Academic Review & Appeal Committee

The Academic Review & Appeal Committee (ARAC) at Medgar Evers College is tasked with the review and deliberation of all student petitions for reinstatement to the College, who are not in good academic standing and subsequently are ineligible to continue with their academic degree pursuits at MEC. In order to promote a thorough and holistic evaluation of all student petitions, ARAC is comprised of faculty members representing each of our academic schools, staff members from each academic advising unit, as well as the Financial Aid, Admissions and Registrar offices. The Committee meets at least twice during the fall and spring semesters.

All student petitions for reinstatement and supporting documentation must be submitted as hard copies to the designated offices below:

ASAP Students (718) 804-8206 S-204
SEEK Students (718) 270-4970 S-205
Students under 30 credits (718) 270-4960 S-220
Students with 30+ credits (718) 270-5170 S-220

Any issues or concerns regarding the petition for reinstatement process may be directed to the attention of the ARAC Chair Kirt Robinson, located in the Academic Advising Center, email: ARAC@ mec.cuny.edu.

CUNYFirst Registration

CUNYFirst and the CUNY Portal

CUNYFirst (City University of New York Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool) is a website that allows students to register for courses, view semester class schedules and grades, access transcripts, view and/or pay their tuition, view financial awards, if applicable, and update mailing address information.

How to Access
  1. Go to https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu.
  2. Click on First-Time Users, then follow onscreen directions.

Student Email

Student Email allows Medgar Evers College students to send and receive email, receive College-wide news, updates and other informative information from The City University of New York.

To access your account, you must visit the Medgar Evers College website at www.mec.cuny.edu.

  1. Click the icon that reads Student E-mail.
  2. On the page that follows, click the link which reads Student E-mail.
  3. A log-in screen will appear.
  4. In the area that reads User Name type your first.
    name.last name of your student email. i.e. john.smith@student.
    mec.cuny.edu like this: john.smith.
  5. Your password will be your date of birth in reverse YYYYMMDD, i.e. if your date of birth is June 7, 1977 then your password will look like this 19770607.

If you are unable to gain access, and do not have an account, please visit Academic Computing, Room B-2014; 1650 Bedford Avenue.

CUNY E-Permit via CUNY Portal

The Online Permit process allows students to make arrangements to take courses at other CUNY Colleges without having to directly (in person) contact both the home and host colleges for approval. The intent of this process is to provide a convenient means of obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other CUNY colleges.

This will enhance the opportunity of graduating in a timely manner and allow students to pursue academic interests not offered at their home college. All ePermit requests are now available through students’ CUNYfirst Account. The navigation is as follows: Self Service Student Center Other Academic ePermit Select the Term and ePermit option. Students must be currently enrolled for request being made for a subsequent semester; maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0; and, pass all CUNY entrance exams.

Registration Procedures

Before the registration period, students should:

  1. Consult an Academic Advisor.
  2. Plan a schedule of courses and an alternative schedule.
  3. Remove all “Stops” and get financial aid clearance.
  4. Be sure they have all the necessary forms and bring them on your scheduled day.

Early Registration

Early Registration is a process available to all students who are currently enrolled and in good academic standing. It is an opportunity for students to receive first choice of the courses that are offered the following semester. Registering early can save money and time. Early Registration for the fall semester usually occurs during the first and second week of May. Students who register early also get an opportunity to bursar early, thus avoiding long lines found during the Regular Registration period. Students who register early in the fall can pay during the first and second week in July. Early Registration for the spring semester usually occurs during the first and second week of December. Students who register early for the spring semester can pay at that time or the first and second week of December.

Regular Registration

All students who failed to take advantage of Early Registration (continuing students) and those who could not (probation, first-time freshmen, transfers, re-admits), will receive a letter/postcard indicating the date and time they may register. If he/she do not receive a letter/postcard indicating the registration date and time:

  1. Continuing Students should contact the Registrar’s Office, 1637 Bedford Avenue, Room S-301, 718-270-6040 (Tel).
  2. New, Transfer and Readmitted Students should contact the Admissions Office, 1637 Bedford Avenue, 718-270-6024 (Tel).

Late Registration

Late Registration period begins the first day of classes. During this time, a student can either register for courses or make changes in courses previously selected. Late Registration is the most critical period due to cancellations, and closed courses. In addition, there is also an additional fee of $25.00 for registering late.

Program Change Period

The Registrar’s Office has two Program Change periods per semester. The first period is scheduled for students who register early, and the second occurs during late Registration. There is no fee charged to students who wish to make changes in their early registered schedule. However, students who wish to make changes during late Registration period will incur an $18.00 fee.


The refund periods are extremely important because of the timetable for refunding tuition. If a student wishes to receive a 100% refund, he/she must drop from all courses, either in person or via CUNYFirst before the first day of classes. A complete listing of all refund percentages and the applicable dates are outlined in the Academic Calendar. For additional information, please refer to the section of the catalog pertaining to Tuition, Fees and Refunds.

Tuition Payment Policy

You are legally bound to pay for courses once you are registered. If you decide not to attend the College, you are legally obligated to cancel your registration by “Officially Withdrawing” from courses prior to the first day of classes. If not, you will be billed and if you fail to pay your tuition, your credit may be adversely affected.